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Axis Newspaper Issue 2

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Axis Newspaper Issue 2

Post by Dewster on Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:34 pm


The hungry for war Axis Powers has come back!!! They have a much bigger force this time and looks like the Allies are outnumbered!!! But the terrorists have been bombing everywhere. The Naz is have been planning to shoot down all the terrorists and stop the bombing before they face the vulnerable Allies!!!

Disaster Section

Ryan commits kamikaze!!!
On March 15, 2010, poor Ryan went and committed kamikaze! Ryan missed and ended up diving into the ocean dealing no damage to anything. The Japanese Kamikaze Organization(JKO) has been artificially creating robot planes to commit kamikaze. They are working on a project that will greatly impact World War III.

Weather Section

Ninja Island Weather
Today will be a high of negative 30 degrees Kelvin and a low of negative 60 degrees Kelvin. Snow storms will continue to rage. Snow probably from 3 to 50 light years of amount of snow.

Tokyo Weather
Today will be a high of 3000 degrees and a low of 4000 degrees. This impossible temperature is caused by the Japanese Kamikaze Organization trying to unleash their ultimate plan to defeat the Allies.

Information Section

More Info on the JKO
The JKO is a recently new organization that is dedicated to design robot planes to commit kamikaze to ships, buildings and capitals. We all know kamikaze does huge damage and this organization must be stopped. But who knows where is there hiding spot? This is a crisis.


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